Yoga on a boat

Paddle Board YOGA…

Coming this summer!

There is nothing more deeply humbling and peaceful to me, than being on the water. Just me…and the sea…It allows me to tap into a kind of higher power. Sea breeze wafting, PADABANDA on a board. An enlightening, FUN, meditative experience. ¬†Whether you are just looking for a fun workout, or a hands on experience with nature found through your yoga practice, it is guaranteed to be a good time.

Join me and my yogini sister, Angela Glaz ( as we take you through an hour long yoga session,focusing on the muscles and the mind set engaged in the art of  stand up paddle boarding. We will then take you for a paddle in the beautiful, biodiverse Puget sound. For any first-timers, we will go over safety and the basics of stand up paddling, the rest is us and the water.

Aloha, Namaste~