“I have been practicing yoga in the PNW for over a decade and in my humble opinion, Shannon is hands down one of the best there is! She does an incredible job of catering to everyone’s needs from those of us that like the thoughtful gentle approach to the vigorous vinyasa yogis. Ive been taking classes with her for a few years now and somehow she always manages to have a new pose of a new approach that I just havent seen before. It really helps to keep the class fresh and engaging. I couldn’t recommend attending a class of hers enough. “- Suraj Lobo


“Shannon has been an inspiration to my yoga practice over the last several years. Her down-to-earth demeanor, sense of humor and love of her discipline have made her class a welcome retreat for me. That she can address the spiritual side of yoga without making it precious and the athletic side without making it competitive create a special environment. I feel privileged to call her my teacher.” – Adam Nathan


“Shannon’s love for yoga on and off the mat really shines through her. I always leave practice feeling relaxed, grounded, and reminded that hard work and healing starts from within. Her poses and breathing techniques have strengthened my mind, body, and soul. Her classes are truly an amazing experience and one that has become integral to my practice. Shannon has shown me what meditation can be through movement. I find myself being able to push myself in her classes through my body breath and mind and supersede my limitations. She has so much knowledge to share and I am so thankful to be able to deepen my practice with her!”  -Olivia de Leon


“I knew I would love practicing yoga with Shannon from the first moment I met her. I’ve worked with many instructors but Shannon’s attitude is extremely welcoming, warm and friendly. There is no intimidation and I’m constantly inspired by her.” – Emily Thousand


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