Shannon has been teaching Yoga in the greater Seattle area for the past several years. Hailing from the beautiful Methow Valley in Washington, she later attended The Evergreen State College where she studied performance art, philosophy and Art History which took her on a journey traveling around Europe and residing in Scotland for sometime. Upon returning to the United States, she came to find her calling in teaching Yoga while living on a sailboat in Los Angeles and diligently practicing under the guidance of master teachers. Shannon has been committed to the practice for over 10 years. Her yoga has taken her to Maui, and Costa Rica. Shannon’s yoga classes range from physically challenging, to restorative and meditative, all while being philosophically and spiritually engaging. She honors the foundations and classical teachings of this ancient practice, and with a background in dance she sprinkles her own creative flair, taking a thoughtfully therapeutic approach when teaching so that you as a practitioner will always feel safe and aware of the continuous benefits of the practice. Sharing the gift of Yoga is her main passion, and when not teaching or practicing Yoga, she enjoys the simple things in life, like taking long walks with her dog “Elvis” , sailing, dancing, cooking in her home and being with the ones she loves. She believes that traveling is the best education and she lives by the motto “The Heart is a Compass.”

See *YOU* in class.

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