Paddle Board YOGA…

Coming this summer!

There is nothing more deeply humbling and peaceful to me, than being on the water. Just me…and the sea…It allows me to tap into a kind of higher power. Sea breeze wafting, PADABANDA on a board. An enlightening, FUN, meditative experience.  Whether you are just looking for a fun workout, or a hands on experience with nature found through your yoga practice, it is guaranteed to be a good time.

Join me and my yogini sister, Angela Glaz ( as we take you through an hour long yoga session,focusing on the muscles and the mind set engaged in the art of  stand up paddle boarding. We will then take you for a paddle in the beautiful, biodiverse Puget sound. For any first-timers, we will go over safety and the basics of stand up paddling, the rest is us and the water.

Aloha, Namaste~

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