Meditations on Love

Today is a day we are known to celebrate and recognize love. Romantic love, a day for lovers to show how much they care by showering one another with affection and gifts, that perhaps should be spread about throughout each day we breath and walk on this earth? Not just one day. But since it seems almost unavoidable, lets look at how we can broaden the celebration.

I would like you to focus today on a deeper kind of love. Selfless love. True love.  A compassionate longevity kind of love for not only your true self and dear ones close to your own heart, but for the simplicity and sophistication in finding joy in the little things in life. Realizing what simple yet cherished gifts each day gives you. It is easy to become distracted or caught up in the things that irritate and stress one out. How about focusing on what you love. When you focus on that deep kind of positivity, you begin to thrive in recognizing your true self and highest potential, and it becomes contagious. These things can be as simple as a good cup of coffee,  great music, fresh air from a rainy day, making someone laugh, a pleasent scent wafting through the air, riding your bicycle, watching football, going skiing, playing with your children or pets, taking a walk. . .

Whatever it is you find to be love, allow yourself to bask in it unconditionally, everyday. There is no time to take these little things for granted, because life holds no guarantees! Surround yourself with only the best. Be at peace with that.


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