Finding balance everyday…

It is a constant work in progress. This makes me wonder if any individual being, in our essence is ever truly in complete balance. Probably not. Not just speaking esoterically, but scientifically as well. To start from the ground up, when we stand on our feet, rarely are we standing on both feet evenly (accept of course when in yoga class with me).  So from there, that imbalance causes an imbalance all the way up that side of the body, affecting the flow of your energy, on a physical plane, which in my philosophy will undoubtibly  affect the balance of energy on the mental plane (your brain), as well as an emotional imbalance, affecting your mood, which has a strong affect on your health in the long run. You see it really is all quite connected. So if we all took note to stand up straight more often, take a breath of vital energy, and allow our lips to curl into a little smile, perhaps we would all be a little closer to finding balance within ourselves and the world we create around ourselves.

After all. There is no such thing as perfect balance, and no such thing as “perfection.” The point is to search for it endlessly, and see what we are capable of experiencing.


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