Cultivating deep conversations with yourself

The body is your temple ~ Sage advice. Some phrases are statements of truth, some phrases are simply opinions. The phrase “ the body is your temple” is a statement of truth. The body in which you dwell and call home, is the only one you’ve got. That being said, I recommend you start toContinue reading “Cultivating deep conversations with yourself”

The power of choice: Accept it, Change it, or walk away.

There are 5 main Klesas, or “self afflictions” we encounter on a daily basis. 1. Avidya: Ignorance or misapprehension 2. Asmita: Ego 3. Raaga: Attraction 4. Ovesha: Repulsion 5. Abhinivesha: Clinging onto actions, attachment, or fear of death   ~ Its not what you see, but how you look at it. Everything changes. Allow yourselfContinue reading “The power of choice: Accept it, Change it, or walk away.”