Energy of Instinct

  Chakras are thought of as wheels or vortices of energy. In alignment with the spine, mostly seen through the nadis, the esoteric centers of energy located in the central channel of the body in the practice of kundalini yoga. Chakras are perceived as focal points for receiving and channeling energy throughout centers of the body andContinue reading “Energy of Instinct”

Paddle Board YOGA…

Coming this summer! There is nothing more deeply humbling and peaceful to me, than being on the water. Just me…and the sea…It allows me to tap into a kind of higher power. Sea breeze wafting, PADABANDA on a board. An enlightening, FUN, meditative experience.  Whether you are just looking for a fun workout, or aContinue reading “Paddle Board YOGA…”

The power of choice: Accept it, Change it, or walk away.

There are 5 main Klesas, or “self afflictions” we encounter on a daily basis. 1. Avidya: Ignorance or misapprehension 2. Asmita: Ego 3. Raaga: Attraction 4. Ovesha: Repulsion 5. Abhinivesha: Clinging onto actions, attachment, or fear of death   ~ Its not what you see, but how you look at it. Everything changes. Allow yourselfContinue reading “The power of choice: Accept it, Change it, or walk away.”

Let the beauty you love be what you do ~ Rumi

” The way of wisdom is looking directly into oneself. ” ~ Bagavadgita ~ LIVE WITHOUT PRETENDING ~ LOVE WITHOUT DEPENDING ~ LISTEN WITHOUT DEFENDING ~ SPEAK WITHOUT OFFENDING Ultimately we have no control in this life. No ability to stop the waves that come crashing down. But we can Surf those waves; Embracing whateverContinue reading “Let the beauty you love be what you do ~ Rumi”