Glad to start my saturday mornings sharing my love of peacefullness and relaxation. Saturday Morning YIN YOGA is one of my most well attended classes. I’m glad to see that people are recognizing the impact of slowing down the mind and calming the heart.

So often, people tend to only pay attention to bodily sensations when in pain; when something is “wrong”. Our YIN practice allows to tap into the deep inner workings of the physical body no matter what. Teaches us to recognize GOOD sensation. When we hone in and meditate on feeling good, our self awareness becomes much stronger and we are able to prevent those ailments and injuries more than waiting until we are in discomfort to “fix” ourselves.

More blocks and straps are on their way to further enrich our YIN practice. I hope to see many of you soon on the mat for some good old fashion  yummy RnR and meditation.

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