Energy of Instinct


Chakras are thought of as wheels or vortices of energy. In alignment with the spine, mostly seen through the nadis, the esoteric centers of energy located in the central channel of the body in the practice of kundalini yoga. Chakras are perceived as focal points for receiving and channeling energy throughout centers of the body and organs, and glands in the endocrine system.  This concept’s origin is in Hindu texts. The Chakras are believed to influence bodily functions and the nervous system.  The Chakras help balance out the physical body and the elements of nature, starting at the spine, the sacred seat of the physical and subtle body.

The Chakras are:

Muladhara: Base or root Chakra, associated with the ovaries and prostate. Embedded in this chakra is instinct, survival and basic human potential, sexuality. Located in the perineum and associated with the sympathetic nervous system. Represented as the color red.

Swadhistana: Sacral Chakra; Located in the sacrum and associated with the sex organs, and reproductive system. Associated with the adrenal glands, relationships, emoitnal needs, pleasure, and violence.  The color is orange.

Manipura: The solar plexus; Connected to Metabolic and Digestive Systems, groups of cells in the pancreas, as well as the outer adrenal glands and the adrenal cortex. The color that corresponds to Manipura is yellow. Key issues governed by Manipura are issues of personal power, fear, anxiety, opinion-formation, introversion, and transition from simple or base emotions to complex.

Anahata: The Heart Chakra; The color of this chakra is green and related to the Thymus in the chest and connected directly to the immune system.  Governs circulation, complex emotions and well being.

Visshuda: Throat Chakra. Thyroid gland. Color pale blue. This Chakra is responsible for communication, growth and maturation.

Ajna: Third eye; Color purple, Indigo. This Chakra is linked to the third eye and the pineal gland which produces the hormone melatonin aiding with sleeping and waking. The third eye signifies intuition.

Sahasrara: Crown; Color white. Associated with wisdom and the leaving of the body with death.  This Chakra relates to the pituitary gland and endocrine system, the central nervous system, uniting male and female energy and the connection between meditation and the physical body.

Paddle Board YOGA…

Coming this summer!

There is nothing more deeply humbling and peaceful to me, than being on the water. Just me…and the sea…It allows me to tap into a kind of higher power. Sea breeze wafting, PADABANDA on a board. An enlightening, FUN, meditative experience.  Whether you are just looking for a fun workout, or a hands on experience with nature found through your yoga practice, it is guaranteed to be a good time.

Join me and my yogini sister, Angela Glaz ( as we take you through an hour long yoga session,focusing on the muscles and the mind set engaged in the art of  stand up paddle boarding. We will then take you for a paddle in the beautiful, biodiverse Puget sound. For any first-timers, we will go over safety and the basics of stand up paddling, the rest is us and the water.

Aloha, Namaste~

Meditations on Love

Today is a day we are known to celebrate and recognize love. Romantic love, a day for lovers to show how much they care by showering one another with affection and gifts, that perhaps should be spread about throughout each day we breath and walk on this earth? Not just one day. But since it seems almost unavoidable, lets look at how we can broaden the celebration.

I would like you to focus today on a deeper kind of love. Selfless love. True love.  A compassionate longevity kind of love for not only your true self and dear ones close to your own heart, but for the simplicity and sophistication in finding joy in the little things in life. Realizing what simple yet cherished gifts each day gives you. It is easy to become distracted or caught up in the things that irritate and stress one out. How about focusing on what you love. When you focus on that deep kind of positivity, you begin to thrive in recognizing your true self and highest potential, and it becomes contagious. These things can be as simple as a good cup of coffee,  great music, fresh air from a rainy day, making someone laugh, a pleasent scent wafting through the air, riding your bicycle, watching football, going skiing, playing with your children or pets, taking a walk. . .

Whatever it is you find to be love, allow yourself to bask in it unconditionally, everyday. There is no time to take these little things for granted, because life holds no guarantees! Surround yourself with only the best. Be at peace with that.


Finding balance everyday…

It is a constant work in progress. This makes me wonder if any individual being, in our essence is ever truly in complete balance. Probably not. Not just speaking esoterically, but scientifically as well. To start from the ground up, when we stand on our feet, rarely are we standing on both feet evenly (accept of course when in yoga class with me).  So from there, that imbalance causes an imbalance all the way up that side of the body, affecting the flow of your energy, on a physical plane, which in my philosophy will undoubtibly  affect the balance of energy on the mental plane (your brain), as well as an emotional imbalance, affecting your mood, which has a strong affect on your health in the long run. You see it really is all quite connected. So if we all took note to stand up straight more often, take a breath of vital energy, and allow our lips to curl into a little smile, perhaps we would all be a little closer to finding balance within ourselves and the world we create around ourselves.

After all. There is no such thing as perfect balance, and no such thing as “perfection.” The point is to search for it endlessly, and see what we are capable of experiencing.


The power of choice: Accept it, Change it, or walk away.

There are 5 main Klesas, or “self afflictions” we encounter on a daily basis.

1. Avidya: Ignorance or misapprehension

2. Asmita: Ego

3. Raaga: Attraction

4. Ovesha: Repulsion

5. Abhinivesha: Clinging onto actions, attachment, or fear of death


~ Its not what you see, but how you look at it. Everything changes. Allow yourself to let go and just be. Acknowledge the soul, and see how deep you can swim inward, far away from all things superficial. Freedom from wanting shall unlock our real purpose of existence; To know thyself  truthfully is enlightenment.

Let the beauty you love be what you do ~ Rumi

” The way of wisdom is looking directly into oneself. ” ~ Bagavadgita





Ultimately we have no control in this life. No ability to stop the waves that come crashing down. But we can Surf those waves; Embracing whatever comes and using it to grow. Accepting ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, our foolishness and our love. Accepting Everything. Doing what we can and flowing with the rest.

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