Letting go of expectations

My Father used to tell me , “If you want to make god laugh, make plans.” Because more often than not, life dishes up the unexpected, changing our precious plans. Planning is good in the sense that having direction and feeling prepared is valuable. Some personalities need to plan more than others. Yet, ironically, theContinue reading “Letting go of expectations”

Private Yoga Sessions

Join me at your convenience in my 91 square foot practice space for personalized yoga Sessions. For those of you who need some more one on one time in your practice, or don’t prefer a heated environment to begin on your yoga path, or you can’t afford a regular yoga practice. Whether you are wantingContinue reading “Private Yoga Sessions”

Maintaining Zen during the Holidays

The Holidays. A time to celebrate tradition, honor your beliefs, change, joy, gratitude, and grace. . . maybe break out your showy decorations, make or buy presents,  But we all know what this time of year also has a tendency to bring with it;  The stressfullness of getting everything done in time. The obligation to seeContinue reading “Maintaining Zen during the Holidays”

New Years Yoga Immersion series

Join me for an integrative, educational, playful workshop series as we deepen our practice and broaden our sense of what it means to take our yoga practice off the mat. January 4, 11, 18, 25 11:30 – 1:30 price $350.00 Place: Sweat Hot Yoga register under the “workshop” tab at: http://www.sweathotyoga.com #yogaeverydamnday #pirateyogini