So, sorry if this is offensive at all, but…whats the point? Of Yoga?…

He asks as he sits at the bar sipping on his Skyhook Pale Ale. I’m in the middle of changing out the garbage and recycling bins, trying to finish my closing chores at the Brewery so I can go home. Sam is fast becoming one of my favorite patrons at Figurehead Brewing company. He firstContinue reading “So, sorry if this is offensive at all, but…whats the point? Of Yoga?…”

Finding Comfort in the discomfort

“Some men (women) lead lives of quiet desperation; some a scream, some a song.” A timeless yoga philosophy is “finding comfort in the discomfort.” This is a bold undertaking in our practice, because usually when we find ourselves in discomfort, we try to wriggle ourselves out of it and move away from it. But thenContinue reading “Finding Comfort in the discomfort”

How traveling can change your life

Traveling has been, and will always be one of my greatest teachers. I recently returned home to Seattle from a life changing trip to Costa Rica. Prior to this trip, I had not left the country for almost 8 years. The last time I left the country, I had been traveling around Mexico and BelizeContinue reading “How traveling can change your life”

Cultivating deep conversations with yourself

The body is your temple ~ Sage advice. Some phrases are statements of truth, some phrases are simply opinions. The phrase “ the body is your temple” is a statement of truth. The body in which you dwell and call home, is the only one you’ve got. That being said, I recommend you start toContinue reading “Cultivating deep conversations with yourself”