Current Class Offerings~

Tuesday 7pm Summer Cool down Yin and Restore ONLINE The Grinning Yogi

Wednesday 9am Feel Good Flow in Studio @ Motive Yoga Co. Winthrop, Wa

Wednesday 5:30pm Vin/Yin sound bath @ Head and Heart Winthrop, Wa

Thursday 5:30pm MELT @ Motive Yoga Co. Winthrop, Wa

Friday 4pm Happy Hour Yoga @ TwispWorks Pavillion Twisp, Wa

Saturday 9:30am GROOVE ONLINE The Grinning Yogi

  • Contact me to book private Yoga Sessions online or in Studio OR on a SUP!

Published by Shannon Eyre Yoga

When I teach I like to create a space in which students can begin to peel away layers of tension in the body and the mind, and begin a path of self discovery to reveal the authentic self. I create an environment in which you will always feel safe and able to adapt the practice to your unique needs. My classes range from physically challenging and playful, to meditative and philosophical. You are guaranteed to crack a smile at some point too.

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